"My success has been within the intersection of multiple methodologies for individuals, groups and organizations."

International Education

  •        Study Abroad Group Leader Training and Student Preparation, Immersion, and Integration

  •        China Study Travel, Study and Homestays Risk Management Analysis 

Soundscape Ecology & Musical Empowerment

  •       Solo and Group Ecotherapeutic Music Improvisation Facilitation Curriculum Design

  •       Sound Healing/Music As Medicine Sessions and Workshop Leadership

  •       Piano, Violin, Vocals, Flute, Ukulele, Guitar and Looping Performance, Composition and        Instruction  


  •         Wilderness Songwriting Workshop Leadership

  •         Youth Rites of Passage Vision Quest Guide

  •         Wilderness First Aid (WFA) Certified


  •         Lecturing on Philosophy of Education, Ecopsychology, and Ecomusicology

  •         Archetypal Cosmology Consultancy

Camp Education

  •        Arts and Crafts Classroom Design and Setup, Ordering Materials and Activity Leadership

  •        Training Multimedia Crafting Teachers and Music Facilitators

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